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About Me


Rev. Dr. Lori 'Lo' Banfield

Christian, Marriage and Family Counseling

Native and resident of Philadelphia, PA leads her life, career and ministry by the commission of Ephesians 4. Born on June 11, 1989 to Wardell Pearson, Sr. and the late Cecelia Maxine Pearson, Lori is the youngest and only girl of three children who grew up surrounded by a host of gifted, community focused, faith driven relatives. Her lineage is steeped with trailblazing atmosphere changers, chain breakers, and truth tellers like her great-grandmother Bishop Lena Thomas.

Dr. Lo is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University (Bachelors in Psychology & Philosophy), Palmer Theological Seminary (Master of Theological Studies in Christian Counseling), and Eastern University (Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy). She has dedicated her life to fostering spiritual resilience and liberation paths to oppressed and suppressed groups. She serves as a higher learning educator, mental health clinician, researcher, clergy person, and all-around social justice advocate.


"Though we are prone to wander, we have been called to walk; allow me to walk with you." Dr. Lo

Dr. Lo is the executive director of the Philly-based non-profit Redemption Housing – reentry services, a transformational recovery organization that offers faith-based programming and community support to Philadelphians coming out of incarceration and homelessness, guiding them toward healthy and meaningful lives. She is the lead instructor of the Spiritual Resilience Council, a reentry advocate training initiative under Lori Banfield Ministries, LLC.


Dr. Banfield serves as Associate Elder at Beulah Tabernacle Church in Drexel Hill, PA and is author of the spiritual formation book Walking Worthy of My Calling: Journey Back to the Likeness of God among other articles and special publications. A wife and mother of two children, Dr. Lo endeavors to build atmosphere changers and restore sacred space within and beyond church, school, and prison walls. 

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