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Build. Foster. Restore.

Building Atmosphere Changers, Fostering Spiritual Resilience, and Restoring Sacred Spaces.  



Dr. Lo has a blossoming career as a multi-disciplined higher learning educator, mental health professional, researcher, clergy person, and all-around social justice advocate. With a love for studying and enhancing the human experience, Dr. Lo appreciates the journey of all and desires to activate her passions for theology and psychology to empower each person beyond the classroom, prison and church walls. She stands to foster spiritual resilience, build atmosphere changers, and restore sacred spaces.

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2021 MLK Award Recipient

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"In this book Lori E. Banfield delivers an affirming guide to spiritual maturity... I invite you to take this journey that leads to a more abundant life in Christ." 

Bishop Keith M. Thomas, Vice President of The Gate of Heaven Assembly of Churches

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"Amen!! And he is so excited been reading it all day !!! You made an impact baby!! Thank you for being a phenomenal example to this next heneration of what a young servant looks like. #thanku #loveusomuch #familyfirst #wegohard4eachother

Melonie Joy Bell

Spiritual direction for the 21st Century disciple

Westbow Press Editorial Team A

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